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The Undertaker Finally Opens Up About Bray Wyatt’s Death

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During an interview with SK Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker addressed the death of Bray Wyatt for the first time, who was his WrestleMania 31 opponent.

Below are the highlights:

Bray passing away at the age of 36:

“It’s sad in the sense that he died such a young man, on a personal level. But on a professional level, he was just scratching the surface of what I think he was going to be.

I think he was going to be really, really special. I mean, he already was. But he had just scratched the surface of what he was going to do in the industry.”

Bray’s work in WWE:

“I really kept an eye on everything that he did. Didn’t necessarily talk to him all the time but always kept an eye on him and what he was doing.

I was always impressed with Bray because he is one of those rare people who wasn’t afraid to think outside of the box. Try something new.”

What was special about Bray:

“Everything. A lot of things are very cookie-cutter within the wrestling industry and the sports entertainment industry, and everyone wants to do the same thing. He was not that guy.

He looked at things with a different perspective, and wasn’t afraid to try things, even when people would say, ‘I don’t know about that.’ He had that conviction within himself that he knew he could make it work, and it’s so sad.”

If he’ll reveal what he said to Bray at RAW XXX in January 2023:

“No. That was between Bray and I. It was a moment that we exchanged, and now, with him passing, it needs to stay between us.”

Note: Earlier this year, fans misunderstood what The Undertaker said in an interview and thought he revealed what he said to Wyatt at RAW XXX. The Undertaker follows our WrestleFeed App’s Instagram page and clarified that the interviewer misunderstood him. Below is a screenshot:

The Undertaker Didn't Reveal What He Said To Bray Wyatt At RAW XXX 30 WWE January 2023 WrestleFeed App Instagram

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