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The Undertaker On How Hard It Is To Work Shows In Front Of Zero Fans

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• Old School ECW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School ECW Veteran Hollywood Nova (Real name: Mike Bucci) celebrates his 48th birthday today.

After a few televised jobs on WWF TV in 1993, Bucci joined Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1995 to form the bWo, a parody of WCW’s nWo, as “Hollywood Nova”, alongside The Blue Meanie as “Da Blue Guy” and Stevie Richards as “Big Stevie Cool”.

When both The Blue Meanie & Stevie Richards left the company, Mike was just known as “Super Nova”.

He wrestled in ECW till the bitter end in January 2001, but later made a name for himself, when he joined the WWE and became Simon Dean (2004).


• The Undertaker On How Hard It Is To Work Shows In Front Of Zero Fans

During a recent interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Undertaker was asked about working shows in front of zero fans during the COVID-19 pandemic and how hard it is.

Below is what The American Badass said:

“I think they’re making the best out of a really horrible situation. Obviously you feed so much off of your audience and you use their energy a lot to propel you through your promos and your matches and you can still see during the shows sometimes they can’t help it. They look to the crowd and it’s an empty warehouse, it’s so bizarre.

I did one segment during the lead up to WrestleMania, and I was trying to be animated and pissed off about something that AJ [Styles] had said and I’m storming around and trying to draw all the memories of sold out crowds, but on one hand there’s nothing there, it’s just the camera guy.

It’s so bizarre, and it gives you perspective on how much you do count on your fan base and people being there. A lot of times if you’re cutting a promo on somebody you want to make eye contact with somebody and it’s easier to make it personal but with nobody there it’s strange.”

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