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The Undertaker On Triple H’s Claim That Some Stars Don’t Fit The WWE System

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The Undertaker responded to Triple H’s comments on the challenges wrestlers face when joining WWE during a recent episode of his Six Feet Under podcast. Triple H had remarked that some wrestlers choose promotions other than WWE due to lighter schedules, stating, “If you’re not in it for the grind, at that point early in your career, you have no business being here.”

The Undertaker agreed with Triple H’s observation, noting, “It was so true, but I never heard anybody really say it.” He acknowledged the difficulty wrestlers from other promotions face in transitioning to WWE, citing the historical struggle of stars from places like WCW.

However, he rejected the idea of a deliberate agenda against talent, saying, “That’s just crap. If you draw money… obviously, you have to be put in a situation to be able to draw money, but you have to work within that WWE frame of mind.”

The Undertaker addressed the misconception that success elsewhere guarantees success in WWE, emphasizing the need for acclimation to the WWE system.

He explained, “Just because you were a big star here or there, doesn’t mean you’re going to fit into the WWE system without a little bit of acclimation time.”

Regarding biases from management, The Undertaker dismissed the idea, calling it “the stupidest thing” he’s heard.

He emphasized, “You don’t bring people in to hold them down. You bring people in to make the product better.”

Using examples like Booker T, who successfully transitioned from WCW to WWF/E, The Undertaker highlighted that wrestlers can thrive in WWE with the right attitude and commitment.

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