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The Undertaker On What UFC Fighters Could Learn From WWE Superstars

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During a recent interview with ‘The Independent’, WWF Legend The Undertaker spoke about the merger between WWE and UFC, after UFC’s parent company endeavour agreed to buy WWE.

Here’s what The Deadman had to say about the merger:

“It’s going to make both companies stronger. I really don’t think they need too much interaction because they’re such different entities.

Maybe some of those UFC guys can learn to do a proper promo and really build some good fights.

Both companies will continue to grow. You may see a few more fighters in the WWE audience and a few more wrestlers in their audience.

But I don’t really envision too much crossover.”

The Undertaker retired from professional wrestling at the WWE Survivor Series 2020 pay-per-view, after performing the character on WWF/WWE TV for 30 years, ever since his official debut at the WWF Survivor Series 1990 PPV.

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