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The Undertaker On Whether He Would Consider Joining The Judgment Day

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The Judgment Day has emerged as a dominant force within the WWE, establishing itself as one of the top factions in recent times since its inception in 2022. Over the span of just over a year, the group has made significant strides within the company.

WWF Legend The Undertaker was recently asked on an episode of his ‘Six Feet Under’ podcast about the possibility of an involvement with The Judgment Day.

He expressed reservations, stating that the faction might not require the presence of someone as seasoned as himself. Citing Edge’s experience with the group, The Undertaker hinted at a preference for younger talent within their ranks.

As speculation mounts regarding the future trajectory of The Judgment Day, The Undertaker remains content with his current endeavors, emphasizing personal fulfillment above all else.

Here’s what The Deadman had to say:

“How about R-Truth, how entertaining is he? They need like an R-Truth variety show. Especially you know with Judgment Day, this complete oddity that gets intertwined in their story that just makes them so frustrated.

It’s so good and Dominik, my goodness! You haven’t had that kind of heel in so long, right? That just carries that kind of heat with him.

I think Edge found out that they didn’t need, they weren’t too responsive to an old timer. And I’m older than he is. They’re always like one incident away from just blowing completely up.”

The WWE landscape awaits the next chapter in The Judgment Day’s journey, with fans eager to witness their continued evolution within the realm of professional wrestling.

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