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The Undertaker Reveals Who Helped Him Financially In WCW

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On his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker talked about Paul Heyman getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Undertaker talked about being one of the first Paul Heyman Guys and how Heyman helped him financially during his WCW days.

Here’s what The Deadman said:

“Well deserved. Not only has he got a brilliant mind, like a brilliant wrestling mind, but man, even for as long as he’s been involved in the business and around, he’s still so passionate.

He’s one of those guys, like Paul Bearer was the same way with me. When he was managing Brock (Lesnar) and obviously now he’s managing Roman Reigns, I mean, he is so invested in those guys and their well being and their decision making.

For somebody who has been in the business for as long as I have, I’m the most out of touch person with trends and how things are referenced. Like, I didn’t even know there was a thing until maybe the last 5 to 10 years that it was a thing to be a Paul Heyman Guy.

I was probably one of the originals and not even really aware of it because he was managing me when I went solo in WCW after Danny left. They put Paul with me. He was so instrumental in keeping me sane because I was so frustrated there with what they were doing with me and obviously, the infamous meeting that I had with WCW’s upper management.

He was such an advocate for me in the sense of getting me to Bruce (Prichard), who would eventually get me to Vince (McMahon) and that whole thing.

[Paul Heyman] was a little better off than I was. I wasn’t making any money. A lot of times he would just pick up the rental cars instead of splitting it.

He helped me out when he could, but the biggest contribution on my part with him was just that connection to get me out of WCW and into an opportunity with WWE.”

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