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The Undertaker Reveals Why He Harshly Criticized The WWE Locker Room In 2008

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The Undertaker recently shared a memory of when he expressed dissatisfaction with the WWE locker room following a less-than-satisfactory international tour.

In 2008, during a global tour that included stops in Australia and New Zealand, The Deadman participated in a sold-out show that generated over $1 million in gate revenue.

Despite the success of the event, he was unimpressed with what he perceived as a lack of effort from his colleagues.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker recounted how he urged the roster to enhance their commitment and take greater pride in their in-ring performances.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I remember asking Fit Finlay, who was our road agent, producer at the time, I said, ‘Fit, you mind if I talk to everybody?’ I was gonna do it either way, but I’d give him the respect of how I was gonna do it.

He goes, ‘No, absolutely,’ so we got everybody together in a room. The next 30 to 40 minutes, I proceeded to cuss and lambast that whole roster for their lack of effort and pride in themselves. Oh, man, it was bad.”

The Undertaker made it clear that the entire roster, including himself, was tired. Despite this, he believed that the enthusiastic Australian audience deserved to witness top-notch performances.

The Phenom recalled competing in the same venue during times of low attendance. He noted that fellow experienced wrestlers in the locker room concurred with his observations regarding the dedication and effort put forth by wrestlers:

“Yeah, they knew I was right! They knew. They know exactly. Everybody was exhausted. You just don’t have those kind of (sold out) nights. That kinda night for me was like, wow, I’ve been here and this place nearly be empty.

Yeah, I’m tired, I’m really tired, but, man, I’m gonna give it everything I got because I want this place to look like this the next time we come back.”

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