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The Undertaker Says He’s An ‘Original Paul Heyman Guy’, Heyman Reacts

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (June 23, 2002) – WWE King of the Ring 2002

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on June 23, 2002, World Wrestling Entertainment aired ‘King of the Ring 2002’ LIVE on PPV from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

This was the 10th and final annual “King of the Ring” pay-per-view that aired since 1993.

Other King of the Ring tournaments that were held in 1985-1989, 1991, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2015 & 2019 happened either during House Shows or during weekly TV shows.

Here are the PPV results:

– KOTR semifinal: Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Jericho

– KOTR semifinal: Brock Lesnar defeated Test

– WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble defeated The Hurricane (c)

– Ric Flair defeated Eddie Guerrero

– WWE Women’s Championship: Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus (c)

– Kurt Angle defeated Hulk Hogan

– KOTR final: Brock Lesnar defeated Rob Van Dam

– WWE Undisputed World Championship: The Undertaker (c) defeated Triple H

• The Undertaker Says He’s An ‘Original Paul Heyman Guy’, Heyman Reacts

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, The Undertaker said that he’s a Paul Heyman Guy.

“Being a ‘Paul Heyman Guy,’ I’d heard that for years but never thought much about it. One day I realized, ‘Well shoot, I’m a Paul Heyman Guy’.”

Taker also shared a story about teaming up with Danny Spivey in WCW with Teddy Long as their manager. When Spivey left, he was alone, so WCW paired him up with Heyman. He said that Heyman being his manager was beneficial for his career.

Because of the friendship between Heyman and Bruce Prichard, they discussed about Taker, which led to talks of Taker joining WWF.

“So hindsight being 20/20, I am one of the original ‘Paul Heyman Guys’.”

When Heyman saw the comments Taker made, he took to Twitter to say he was humbled by Taker’s comments.

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