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The Undertaker Was Mad At Former WWE Superstar For Swimming In Shark-Infested Waters

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During a recent appearance on former WWE Wrestler Rene Dupree’s weekly ‘Cafe De Rene’ podcast, fellow Ruthless Aggression Era veteran Rico Constantino talked about his career in WWE and spoke about an incident with The Undertaker, who was mad at him for swimming in shark-infested waters.

Here’s what the former WWE Tag Team Champion had to say:

“I swim out there. I get to the jetty. I stand up. I’m looking at the hotel and then I started to swim back. I swim back to see The Deadman standing on the beach, waiting for me.

He’s looking at me, shaking his head. I said ‘I wanted to go for a swim’. He goes ‘You know there’s sharks in that water?’. I said ‘No, but I know now’.

He goes ‘Get in that hotel. I don’t want to see you come out of that hotel. Get up there’. And he sent me back up to the hotel. I picked up my clothes and walked back to the hotel.”

We reported a few weeks ago that The Deadman saved his wife Michelle McCool from a shark, when both were in shallow waters.

Rico Constantino wrestled for WWE from March 2002 (when it was still called the WWF at that point) until he was released in November 2004.

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