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“There is nothing that can make me go back” – WWF Veteran Says He Was Treated Poorly

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During a recent interview on ‘Insight’, WWF Veteran Jonathan Coachman stated that he will never go back to WWE.

He claimed that he was treated poorly in the past, which is why he will never return to the promotion in the future.

Here’s what Coach had to say:

“I think back now, I’m kind of in that reflective point of my life. Because I know, for a fact, that my wrestling career is over. There is nothing that can make me go back and do that so now you get into a reflective state.

Yeah, but that’s usually people whose lives are wrestling, you know what I mean? That’s what they aspire to be. That’s not who I aspire to be. I got lucky. And then there are things that have happened over the past 5 years that make me not want to go back.

I was 100% loyal to that company and to Vince so when things happen, sometimes you’ve got to draw the line in the sand and say ‘I can’t be treated that way and still go back and be loyal to the company’.

It’s not like they need me anyway. They’re not crying over spilt milk. But I like to think I treat people a certain way and I wanted to be treated that way. So yeah, I would never go back.

So I reflect now, and when I think about the cool things that people have done for me when I was in the WWE, whether it’s fans, wrestlers, whatever, that might still be the coolest thing.”

Jonathan Coachman first joined the World Wrestling Federation as an Interviewer in 1999 and stayed with WWE until he left in 2008.

Coach returned as a RAW commentator in January 2018 but left again in September of that year.

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