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“They still lie and pretend that they were somehow in the right” – Bret Hart On The Montreal Screwjob

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• “They still lie and pretend that they were somehow in the right” – Bret Hart On The Montreal Screwjob

Old School WWF Legend Bret Hart recently got interviewed by ‘The Ringer’, where he spoke about the Montreal Screwjob and claimed that Vince McMahon and WWE are still lying about the backstory and what led to the incident.

Though Mr. McMahon retired from all his positions within the company, Bret was referring to a documentary that was filmed while Vince was still in charge of everything.

Here’s what The Hitman had to say:

“Vince was the one that was dishonest and lying to me and setting me up and playing games.

If you watched that A&E special, you’ll notice that they still try to lie and pretend that they were somehow in the right or they did the right thing. That I was unprofessional and I should have just done as I was told.

I’d never refused in my whole life, ever, to lose to another wrestler. Never mattered to me. It doesn’t matter to me now. I never refused. And it wasn’t because I was in Canada or anything like that. I lost many matches in Canada. It was just personal pride between two wrestlers.”

The infamous Montreal Screwjob incident took place on November 9th 1997 at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the end of the main event of the WWF Survivor Series 1997 pay-per-view.

Shawn Michaels put Bret Hart in a sharpshooter, Bret’s own finisher, and referee Earl Hebner called for the bell, pretending that Bret had submitted, which wasn’t the case.

It was Vince McMahon himself, who screwed Hart to avoid the possibility of The Hitman leaving for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling as the reigning WWF Champion.

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