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12. SmackDown Live Main Event Ending Botched? Natalya Gifts A House To Her Parents

– On the last episode of SmackDown Live, Dolph Ziggler ended up defeating former WWE Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles clean in the main event of the show.

Wrestling Observer is speculating that this wasn’t the planned finish of the match and that the original finish of the match would’ve saw Styles’ leg on the bottom rope, but Ziggler getting the win despite that due to referee failing to notice it. This would’ve resulted in Styles getting a rematch against Ziggler next week (due to Ziggler’s win not being clean) and Styles would’ve won this time.

You can watch the ending moments of their match below:

In the above video, you can see Styles’ leg was on the bottom rope, but Ziggler messed it up by taking the leg off the rope and pinning Styles clean.

– SmackDown Live Superstar Natalya bought a new house for her parents and below is what she posted on Instagram:

Natalya buys a new house for her parents

My whole career … there was ONE thing I really wanted to do and I never lost sight of it. And today I got to do that for my parents. It’s the best feeling … makes every tear, bruise, heartache, heartbreak, sleepless night …. SO worth it. Welcome home. (Plus… I owe my parents everything….).

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