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“This is a Lie and you know it” – Ryback To Booker T

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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback recently took to Twitter and addressed Booker T’s negative comments about him from the WCW Legend’s weekly ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast.

Here’s what Ryback tweeted:

“Hey @BookerT5x you are better than that, at least I thought you were.

It’s beyond obvious where you get your paycheck and if you want to be an actual man then pick up your phone or talk publicly with me.

Stop running your mouth on something you’re obviously clueless on. Don’t worry either, I’m not trying to shake your f**king hand.

I’ve heard enough from you though and just STFU on something you’re not involved in.”

The 5-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion then invited The Big Guy to come to his show and speak with him in a LIVE interview.

Here’s what Booker T tweeted:

“Hey @Ryback you want to talk about everything? You have a public invite to join me on my show LIVE. Let me know when you wanna talk!”

But the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer then changed his mind just a few moments later and sent yet another Tweet, that read:

“The invitation is rescinded for @Ryback. Making demands for you to come on my show says a whole lot. You don’t really want to have a conversation.”

Ryback replied:

“Looks like @VinceMcMahon and @TripleH have spoken. Smart move, you’re going to look foolish. You can come on my show anytime LIVE and face to face anytime and any demands you have will be met to have a conversation. I’m not scared like you are because I have the facts.”

Ryback saw the above exchange that Booker T had with a fan and tweeted:

“This is a lie and you know it. We both know the deal. My request is what you already stated, LIVE. You are better than this and it sucks this is what things have come to.

I’m more than open to a full LIVE conversation, but we both know the truth will be told in that and you won’t have no legs to stand on. This was a bluff by you and @wwe.

I’ve already overcome so much, you guys aren’t going to stop anything at this point. Energy is energy and I am coming back regardless of whatever false narratives you want to put out there.

It would be the most listened to show you’ve done to date, and they don’t want the truth out there. #Hungry”

Ryback then revealed that he talked to Booker’s brother Stevie Ray:

“Had a great nearly 90 min phone call with @RealStevieRay. Always have appreciated him being a stand up no bullsh*t guy and wish more people were like him. Thanks 💪”

For those who don’t know, Ryback claims that WWE asked him to hand over his Social Media accounts to them when he was released in 2016. When Ryback refused, WWE allegedly used their Twitter connections to screw with his reach on that platform.

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