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“This is her last little receipt on Vince for everything he’s done to her” – WWF Veteran On Linda McMahon’s WWE Return

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Linda McMahon, the co-founder of Titan Sports and former President and CEO of WWE, is now 75 years old and still making waves in the wrestling world. After departing from WWE in 2009 to pursue a political career, recent discussions suggest that McMahon might be making a comeback to the wrestling scene.

In a recent episode of “The Brand” podcast, WWF Attitude Era Veteran Stevie Richards discussed Linda’s appearances at the Hall of Fame ceremony and backstage at WrestleMania 40. Richards speculated that TKO, WWE’s new parent company, could benefit from Linda’s expertise and successful track record in running the business.

Stevie highlighted Linda’s potential as a valuable asset to TKO, citing her past contributions to WWE’s significant growth. He suggested that her return could help bridge the gap between traditional business strategies and TKO’s modern approach to wrestling entertainment.

Additionally, Richards hinted at the possibility of Linda’s return being a form of retribution against her husband, Vince McMahon, for past grievances. Whether this speculation holds any truth remains to be seen.

Here’s what the former Right To Censor leader had to say:

“Linda had run WWE as an amazing business. Most of the reason that it grew the way it did was because of Linda, not Vince. Business side, could TKO, could Ari Emanuel, could Nick Khan, could people on that side of the merger know that Linda is an asset to WWE? And it could be completely independent of Vince.

Could she be there to show that she’s going to be a good soldier and a good executive for the next regime of WWE/TKO? I think Linda would benefit them to bridge the gap between the way the business ran under her, which saw amazing growth, and now this new era and mixing both of those business plans together.

I’m still leaning on that Linda is seen as an asset by TKO. And also maybe this is her last little receipt on Vince for everything he’s done to her over the decades.”

Below is a photo of Stephanie and Linda McMahon backstage at WrestleMania 40:

Linda Stephanie McMahon Backstage WrestleMania 40

The prospect of Linda’s return to WWE raises questions about the direction of the company under TKO’s ownership. Will Linda’s experience and insights be instrumental in shaping WWE’s future strategies? Can her return bring a renewed sense of stability and success to the organization?

As fans eagerly await any official announcements, one thing is certain: Linda McMahon’s potential return to WWE could signify a strategic move by TKO to leverage her expertise and steer the company towards continued growth and success.

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