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TKO COO Confirms Vince McMahon’s WWE Status

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WWE is trying to distance themselves from Vince McMahon after the trafficking allegations made against him by Janel Grant and are trying to erase his image.

They have already removed his profile from their website and are now censoring his image.

Many fans have acquired the WWE 2K24 video game, and while playing the Showcase mode, fans have observed multiple instances of McMahon being noticeably censored, including a scene featuring Charlotte Flair.

You can check it out below:

Vince McMahon Face Censored In WWE 2K24 Video Game Due To Allegations Lawsuit

Speaking of McMahon, he has once again attracted attention by selling a significant portion of his TKO stock.

As per recent filings, McMahon has sold 5,350,000 shares of his TKO stock, totaling a substantial $412 million. This transaction reduces his holdings to approximately 15 million shares, representing about 9% of all TKO stock.

At the Morgan Stanley Conference, TKO COO Mark Shapiro addressed this move from McMahon.

According to Brandon Thruston, Shapiro said TKO did not participate in McMahon’s stock sale. He roughly has 8.5%.

Shapiro also confirmed that Vince won’t return to WWE:

“We don’t talk to him, we don’t know his motives, his plans, his timelines. He doesn’t work for the company. He doesn’t come into the offices. He’s not coming back to the company.”

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