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TNA Tried To Sign Jim Ross, Konnan In Need Of A Second Kidney Transplant & More

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4. TNA Tried To Sign Jim Ross

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On his weekly ’83 Weeks’ podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff revealed that while working for Total Nonstop Action! in 2011, he pitched the idea of signing Old School WCW/WWF/WWE play-by-play commentator Jim Ross to TNA promoter Dixie Carter.

Bischoff also said that there have actually been conversations between the two parties, but Good Ol’ J.R. chose not to sign a contract with them.

Here’s what Eric had to say:

“It wasn’t a rumour with Jim Ross. I was part of the conversation, and I think I was the one that gave Jim’s contact information to Dixie.

It was a real conversation, and I may have initiated that conversation to a certain degree and fully supportive of it.

It didn’t work out, and Jim ultimately decided not to join TNA. I think Jim even made a trip to the ranch in Texas to meet Bob & Janice Carter.

That’s how serious it got.”

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