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Tommy Dreamer Is Upset About The New PWI 500 List

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For some unknown reason, current Impact Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer is not included in the new PWI 500 list for 2023.

This could be an actual error for all we know, as the list also includes a lot of independent wrestlers, quite a few of whom most fans out there have never even heard of.

It remains unknown as to why the Old School ECW/WWF/TNA Legend is left out and whether it happened on purpose or by mistake.

Tommy Dreamer spoke about the issue on ‘Busted Open Radio’ and said the following:

“Again, this criteria thing, and there’s two things in that really bother me. Jokingly, ‘Oh, just give an answer’. I cannot because I know it’s not real. I need to know, cool then who won the most matches right then and there?

That’s my criteria then. But if you put Roman Reigns, the entire industry for that for this year has been led by Roman Reigns, where every wrestler should walk up to Roman Reigns and say ‘Hey man, thank you. Thank you for leading the industry’.

Outside of all of the rest, I’m trying to go facts in a non-factual sport. Based on these facts, Roman Reigns is 300 and down. Based upon real numbers, Roman Reigns is top-five.”

Tommy Dreamer’s ability to connect with the audience was a testament to his genuine passion for wrestling and his willingness to go to great lengths to entertain. Whether it was taking a brutal beating, delivering an emotional promo, or showing unwavering dedication to his craft, Dreamer’s presence was always felt.

As time went on, Dreamer continued to evolve, proving that he could adapt to the WWF/WWE’s style while staying true to his hardcore roots. He embraced various roles, including working as an in-ring talent and serving as a creative mind behind the scenes. His contributions to the wrestling industry extended beyond his in-ring performances.

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