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Tony Khan Criticizes Ted Turner For Missing Pro-Wrestling Knowledge

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• Tony Khan Criticizes Ted Turner For Missing Pro-Wrestling Knowledge

All Elite Wrestling promoter Tony Khan took to Twitter and wrote about his feelings towards Old School WCW promoter Ted Turner.

Turner bought the Jim Crockett Promotions territory (under the NWA banner) in late 1988 and renamed it World Championship Wrestling.

After the AOL/Time Warner deal, the company was eventually sold to its competition, the World Wrestling Federation, in March 2001.

Like WCW, AEW is also airing its weekly television shows on TNT and TBS (from January 2022).

Here’s what Tony Khan tweeted:

“I’ve never met Ted Turner. It’s very possible Ted Turner is smarter than me, but he didn’t know 1% of what I know about professional wrestling or WCW would still be on TNT/TBS. AEW is here to stay.”

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