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“Tony Khan should hire Vince McMahon” – Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion

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• “Tony Khan should hire Vince McMahon” – Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion

During a recent interview with ‘The Wrestling Outlaws’, former WWF & WCW creative writer Vince Russo advised AEW President Tony Khan to actually hire Vince McMahon, in order to settle the various issues after the recent AEW All Out 2022 backstage brawl.

Here’s what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said:

“I got a better job for Vince McMahon, this is what I want to see. I think Tony Khan should hire McMahon to investigate that backstage brawl. Who would know better than Vince McMahon?

How many of these things Vince went through? Backstage fights, how they were started, and who was guilty. I would put McMahon on that bro. That might help him save face.”

A few days earlier, former WWE Superstar EC3 (Ethan Carter III in TNA) made some similar points during an interview with NBC Sports Boston:

“The one piece of info of that scrum I saw was midway through (CM) Punk talking about it, and the media, and (Colt) Cabana. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is pretty raw sh*t.’

So I didn’t know if it was brought up or what, you know, I stay away from the internet and the headlines because they’re rarely true, but now there’s like backstage brawls, and all this is going on, and I’m like is this – because I’m a wrestler – is this an elaborate ruse? Is this real?

I’ll tell you; it has people’s interest. Everyone’s probably going to tune in (to Dynamite), right? At the same time, from a business perspective, if it’s real, there’s a severe lack of leadership, and that, I feel, is all in wrestling.

That’s why I’m very happy for Triple H taking over his aspect because I feel he is a real, legitimate leader. In my short time with WWE, I’ve noticed he’s a real, legitimate leader.”

Neither Russo, nor EC3 are currently employed by any major Wrestling promotion right now.

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