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Tony Khan Takes A Shot At WWE’s Booking Of Sting

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During a recent appearance on Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker, AEW President Tony Khan talked about All Elite Wrestling getting another hour on TV with their new show: Rampage.

Khan also talked about how he wants to use both current stars and old school stars on his programming.

Here’s what he said:

“That’s what Rampage [will help with], more TV time is going to be huge. Because [right now] we have two hours of TV and we have these great streaming platforms and we have AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation, and they’ve been great. But I think now with Rampage coming in it’s 50% more TV time going from two hours to three hours.

So, it’s huge for the roster, and I still plan to expand the roster and add stars to the top of the roster. Because I believe in having the top stars of the present married with some of the great stars of the past. Some of whom are still active and great stars of the present.

We have other great stars of the past [like] Arn Anderson and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts who are still very much a part of the show. And we bring in legends like Bret Hart and Greg Valentine, even if they’re not there every week and it’s just one appearance, or maybe they’ll come back. [We] try to acknowledge history. We’ve even brought in wrestling executives like J.J. Dillon or Eric Bischoff. So, I respect the history of wrestling as much as anyone and I love it. But also, I believe it has a lot of mileage.

I talked to [Mark Henry] for 45 minutes the other day. As a coach, and as a mentor, he is going to be so valuable to everyone on the roster [both] male and female because he has such a great perspective. Particularly [teaching] the larger people with size and how to use that size.

But he has insights for everyone [including] the smaller people because he’s worked the big person vs. small person matches. He is so insightful and intelligent, and as a coach he is adding a lot. He’s going to be great as a scout. But he also still has gas in the tank as an athlete and a wrestler.

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