Top 5 Brands for Old School Wrestling Figures

Top 5 Brands for Old School Wrestling Figures

With most of us Old School Wrestling Fans having started to watch Professional Wrestling, when we were kids, i bet most of us have – at some point in time – collected Wrestling Toy Figures.

Am i right? There is no shame in admitting it, i mean we were kids, right? haha

Right here we have listed the Top 5 Brands for Old School Wrestling Figure Brands of All Time:

5. Galoob

They produced WCW Action Figures from 1990 to 1991.

At this Time they had huge competition in Hasbro’s WWF Toy Line, who had a much better marketing strategy than Galoob.

Figures released:

• Ric Flair
• Arn Anderson
• Sting
• Lex Luger
• Sid Vicious
• Barry Windham
• Brian Pillman

• Tom Zenk
• Rick Steiner
• Scott Steiner
• Butch Reed
• Ron Simmons
• Michael Hayes
• Jimmy Garvin

• El Gigante
• Big Josh
• Dustin Rhodes
• Diamond Studd
• Richard Morton
• P.N. News
(this one is the rarest Pro-Wrestling Figure out there, with only 3 or 4 Figures being around world wide)

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