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Top 5 WWE Stories Of The Week [April 12-18]

This past week was full of big stories and let us look at the Top 5 news stories and #1 is surely the biggest of them all!

5. Daniel Bryan Banged Up, Suffers Concussion?

WWE pulled Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan from the rest of the UK tour as a safety measure because Bryan is reportedly banged up. He is still dealing with health issues from the injuries that took him out last year and is in a rough shape. WWE has been protecting Bryan a lot as of late by putting him in tag matches.

Latest reports suggest that Daniel Bryan is scheduled to get a physical examination once he returns to USA. It is because of these health issues WWE decided not to put Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Title picture as it could affect the long term plans if he gets injured again.

Some reports were suggesting that Bryan suffered a concussion during a match with Sheamus but WWE shot down that rumor.

Bryan is scheduled to defend the Intercontinental Title at Extreme Rules against the former champion Bad News Barrett. The match is jeopardy given Bryan’s health. If Bryan is healthy enough to work this match, expect this to be a normal singles match only and not some gimmick match with Extreme nature of the PPV.

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