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10. Heidenreich Talks About John Cena Looking Like The Terminator In The Ring Back In The Day

Former WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Superstar “Road Warrior” Heidenreich was recently interviewed on The Hannibal TV about meeting a young up and coming John Cena back in the day.

Here’s what the Legion of Doom 2005 member had to say about starting with arguably the most famous modern day era Superstar, PG-Hero John Cena:

“He was The Prototype. When I went to visit that weekend, I walked into the school and he was in the ring, and I’m like ‘This dude looks like The Terminator in the ring.’ Cause back then he was bigger than he is now. Believe it or not. Cause he was a college football player and bodybuilder working at Golds Gym, and wrestling. But John’s a genetic freak. Some guys are gifted with size, but that guy has a freaky amount of muscle. That’s just, some people God touches them and says ‘You’re going to be a cancer doctor, you’re going to be a wrestler, you’re going to be a Heidenreich, you know. He was one of the first guys I saw and you could just tell, that guy had everything. I was out there with him probably a year.

I got signed pretty quick cause I was a big guy, and I worked hard, they told me to drop weight cause I was 310 from football. I got down to 247 or 250, I got ripped. I was going to the gym and the bodybuilders were trying to help me. They told me how to eat – once you change your diet and do it, you can get lean. It’s just a matter of doing it. I dropped the weight, they signed me through the developmental and that helped out a ton, it was $500 a week. Which meant I only had to bounce a couple of days instead of having to bounce every day. They did that for guys that may be potentially guys that may make them some money. It was an investment.”

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