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9. ECW Legend Gains A Lot Of Weight

It seems that Old School ECW Legend & former ECW World Champion Justin Credible has gained quite a bit of weight lately. Most of you Old Schoolers remember him as Aldo Montoya, the masked “Portuguese Man O’ War”, a character that he portrayed while wrestling for the WWF from 1994 till 1997.

Those of you who followed the original ECW (from 1997 till it closed its doors in January 2001) will always remember him as Hardcore Wrestler Justin Credible though.

A 3 month old video went viral now, that shows him teaming up with fellow ECW Legends The Sandman & New Jack against 3 Indy Wrestlers in a 6 Man Tag Team Extreme Rules Match.

All 3 former ECW Hardcore Wrestlers came out of retirement for this special event, called ‘ECPW 4th Annual P.O. Joseph Pritchard Memorial Show’ and Justin Credible gained a huge amount of weight since he officially retired from professional wrestling in 2015.

You can watch it below:

Justin Credible, New Jack & The Sandman team up… by OldSchoolWrestling

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