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Top Raw Star Debuting A New Finishing Move Soon? Triple H Reveals New Theme Song For NXT

Triple H

– After this week’s Raw went off the air, Seth Rollins teamed up with Chris Jericho to defeat the team of Samoa Joe and United States Champion Kevin Owens.

Rollins picked up the win for his team after he hit Owens with a “jumping knee”. There’s speculation going on that since Rollins’ feud with Triple H (who’s finishing move is The Pedigree”) is over, Rollins might be getting a new finishing move and this knee strike might be the one.

You can watch Rollins use this move below:

– Triple H revealed the new theme song for NXT that will debut tonight. As we noted before, WWE is teasing that a new era in NXT will start tonight. Below is what Triple H tweeted:

You can listen to the new theme song of NXT below:

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