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Top WWE News Of The Day – July 7, 2015

Let us take a look at top WWE news of the day for July 7, 2015, with #1 being a must read news:

WWE News #10: Vince McMahon Bans the Word “Backbreaker” from WWE Programming

According to latest reports, Vince McMahon has banned the word “backbreaker” from WWE Programming. The move isn’t banned, but the name is. Apparently Vince McMahon doesn’t like the term and that’s why he made the decision.

This is probably the reason why it wasn’t called that when Sheamus used his Irish Curse Backbreaker during Monday’s episode of WWE Raw.

Reason for the ban is unknown, but Vince does this from time to time with different terms. Vince McMahon made the decision of banning Seth Rollins’ finisher, Curb Stomp, due to the recent concussion lawsuits against the WWE. Rollins noted that the ban will not last forever.

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