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Top WWE Star Calls CM Punk The Dumbest Smart Guy On RAW

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CM Punk kicked off tonight’s RAW and started by saying it’s a great night to be in Ottawa and mentioned he has a lot to say. He thanked John Cena for his impending retirement and expressed his hope to share the ring with him one more time.

Punk noted Cena’s presence but pointed out Drew McIntyre is absent due to his suspension. He then introduced a video showing McIntyre disrupting the Money In The Bank post-show and attacking referees and RAW General Manager Adam Pearce.

He talked about the consequences of actions, stating this isn’t the first time McIntyre has caused trouble. He declared himself as the consequence of McIntyre’s actions and mentioned that McIntyre failed to keep his promise of leaving Money In The Bank as World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk said he promised to prevent that from happening and kept his word, unlike McIntyre. He revealed he was fined $25,000 for his actions at Money In The Bank, while McIntyre was fined $50,000. Punk demanded Pearce lift McIntyre’s suspension so he can confront him, whether in the ring, in the parking lot, or in the crowd.

Seth Rollins’ music played, and he joined Punk at the announce desk, mocking Punk by inviting him into the ring and asking if he’s afraid of being beaten. Punk slowly entered the ring and reminded Rollins of their last encounter, warning him to choose his words carefully.

Rollins questioned why actions have consequences for everyone except Punk and asked why Punk interfered in his business. Punk clarified that he was dealing with his own issues and expected Rollins, as a husband and father, to understand. He mentioned McIntyre wearing a bracelet with his wife and dog’s names on it, apologizing to Rollins but admitting he’s not that sorry since it’s Seth.

Rollins accused Punk of always making excuses and gaslighting, calling him the dumbest smart person he’s ever met. He said he was willing to overlook Punk’s selfishness until Punk cost him the World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth vowed to prevent Punk from getting his revenge on McIntyre and promised that once Punk is cleared, he won’t be able to mention McIntyre’s name before Rollins puts him back on the shelf. He reminded Punk that actions have consequences and left.

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