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17. Low Ki On How He Was Treated in WWE

During a recent interview with Tom Feaheny, GFW wrestler Low Ki (f.k.a Kaval in WWE) talked about returning to GFW, wearing a suit while wrestling, being hired by WWE & more. Below are the highlights:

On returning to GFW:
“I didn’t expect to be in this position, I was actually transitioning away from wrestling at the start of the year so it has been a pleasant surprise. I was approached by Sonjay Dutt about returning he explained to me it was now a different environment, they were focusing more on what we do in the ring now.”

On being hired by Vince McMahon:
“It was never my goal to go there in the first place, they approached me at my height of my career in Japan. I was hired virtually on the spot due to Vince McMahon seeing me live, they brought me in and then treated like someone who was just there, it was an opportunity I took but it was what it was, I have seen things have changed but it’s still operated by the same person.”

On competing in the ring while wearing a suit:

“I actually did it first time round as a silent protest in Japan, at New Japan, I didn’t realize it would get the attention that it did, you have to realize where your limitations lie because the stitching can limit you, my return in April was an unaltered suit so I had to figure out fast what I was capable of doing and what I wasn’t.”

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