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12. UFC Champion Challenges SmackDown Star To A Match At SummerSlam 2017

As we have noted before UFC fighter Cris Cyborg and former SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch have been a part of a Twitter feud as of late. Here’s what Cyborg tweeted on Saturday: “Let’s make a deal. If I win tonight in cali, and you win tonight in Detroit…you agree to to sign the #summerslam contract. Don’t be scared!”

Both Cyborg and Becky won their fight/match on that night (with Cyborg winning the UFC Women’s Featherweight Title) and then Cyborg tweeted the following:

Becky posted a video of her watching Cyborg’s UFC 214 fight as well:

Word going on is that WWE has something planned out for Cyborg at SummerSlam 2017 and it might be an appearance at the show. We’ll keep you updated.

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