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Top WWE Star Says The Rock “could not lace my boots in the best years of his career”

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The Rock gained attention when Cody Rhodes temporarily offered him a WrestleMania 40 spot. However, things changed after the WrestleMania press conference, where Seth Rollins expressed strong emotions and openly criticized The Rock.

Rollins also asserted that The Rock, during his prime, couldn’t compare to him in wrestling skills.

Seth Rollins didn’t mince his words, accusing The Rock of misusing his power and suggesting he should go back to Hollywood. Rollins has been clear in opposing The Rock’s continued presence in WWE.

During an interview with Inside The Ropes, Seth Rollins was asked about the possibility of facing The Rock in the ring. Rollins didn’t hesitate to express doubt about The Rock’s in-ring abilities after a decade of inactivity.

Rollins emphasized that he is currently in his prime, performing at a level surpassing anything The Rock achieved. He stated that The Rock couldn’t match up even in the best years of his career, let alone now.

Here’s what The Architect said about The Great One:

“He’s a specimen, but he hasn’t had a match in a decade. John Cena, two times at WrestleMania. Had a couple of stuff, you know, tag matches, some appearances, here and there.

Look, I’m on a different level right now. I’m in my prime. I’m operating at a level so high above any level he’s ever operated at. He could not lace my boots in the best years of his career. Let alone, right now.”

Keep in mind that Seth not only speaks in character here, but is only referring to his athletic ability to perform moves and high spots, while he obviously can not compare with The Rock when it comes to charisma and drawing power, considering that The Rock is one of the most charismatic people on the planet, not just in professional wrestling, plus he’s among the highest paid actors in Hollywood right now, so there’s a lot of cross-over appeal to non-wrestling fans as well.

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