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Top WWE Star Thinks The Women’s Division Hasn’t Been Booked Well In 2023

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The WWE Women’s division hasn’t been booked very well since WrestleMania 39.

Many fans have complained about Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley not getting many opportunities to defend her title. She didn’t have a title defense at the biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam 2023. In addition, a lot of fans have expressed disappointment about the fact that WWE didn’t feature wrestlers like Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Alba Fyre and many others on most of the shows this summer.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins agrees with fans thinking that the WWE Women’s division hasn’t been at its best over the last 6 months.

Below is what he said about the state of the division on WWE’s After The Bell podcast:

“I would say 100%. There’s a lot of space to fill there, on RAW, on SmackDown. I think absolutely there is a void. What I sense more than anything is this kind of bubbling little undercurrent from our audience, like they want something fresh and new and they want to have people to get behind. They want it, and I’m not saying these people are coming from NXT. You never know. It might be somebody that steps up, a Chelsea Green, a Piper Niven. You never know. There’s tons of women capable on our main roster at the moment, but there is like this, I’m feeling it.

It’s very much like we want something more out of the women. We know it’s there and we can’t wait to see it, but there’s like a growing intrigue. There’s a growing desire to see it. [Zoey Stark is] one of them that has the opportunity to really lead this next generation of women into the future. I just think that it’s there. It feels like they’re on the cusp of a breakthrough.

They haven’t, and I’m going to be frank with you, they haven’t been showcased as well as they could have been over the past, you know, 6 months or so. They haven’t been. Aside from a few exceptions, and I don’t need to pick and choose, and name names. Sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles and that’s part of the the industry. It’s part of the business. I’ve been in situations where I absolutely feel like I’ve not been showcased, or male talent, the same way. It has nothing to do, in my opinion, with gender at all. It’s just a commentary on where we’re at right now.

I just can’t wait to see who steps up and fills that space and grabs that ring.”

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