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Top WWE Star’s Currently Planned Return Date, Triple H’s Next Match Revealed, WWF Veteran On WWE Giving Raw More Importance Than SmackDown Live

Triple H Reveals Why WWE Hasn't Turned Roman Reigns Heel

WWF Veteran On WWE Giving Raw More Importance Than SmackDown Live

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show”, WWF Veteran Taz discussed last week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Below are the highlights:

On Raw not invading SmackDown Live:

“Everybody was sitting and ready.. waiting… waiting… waiting. We’re waiting for Raw. Where’s Raw? Raw is gonna attack. Where’s Raw? What’s gonna happen? yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda…………… NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. No sign of Raw. They even touched on it at the end of the show.

Shane and Daniel Bryan which seemed like some of the most scripted acting stuff I ever seen in my life what Shane and Daniel did at the end. It seems so non-organic. Their conversation was basically, you know, Shane’s like – You see, Daniel? No Raw. Daniel – No Shane. You are correct. They did not show up, but they will and when they do, it is on your head.

Good God! Almighty! Just let these guys talk. Shane’s an excellent talker. Daniel is an excellent talker. They don’t have to read off a script. The F are we doing here?”

On Michael Cole replacing Tom Philips and the angle of a Raw name on SmackDown Live not being played at all:

“There were some things about SmackDown I liked, there were some things I didn’t like. There was some things that left me scratching my head….like Michael Cole. So we know Michael Cole, he said it last week that he was gonna be on SmackDown for next couple weeks because Tom Phillips is on assignment.

He is sitting for Tom Phillips and he’s the voice of Raw. He took over for Jim Ross. He is the voice of Raw for a lot of years now. So it’s not like some young announcer that you’re sitting in on SmackDown. This is Michael Cole. And they did nothing.

I think someone should have been confrontational with him. Someone should have gotten in his face. One of the talents should have said to him. Shane McMahon or Byron Saxton should have been like:

“Yo dude we have a lot of fun out here and all that stuff. And I’m the third wheel I get it, but I’m blue through and through. I’m a SmackDown guy. You are the voice of Raw and you’re here sitting in for Tom. I’m just telling you right now – not just me, many of us got our eye on you. You call the show, you call it down the middle, don’t f*** around over here. Otherwise there’s gonna be a problem with you and all your boys in Red.”

Something like that. You want to work me, you want to f***ing get involved and play a game here of that there’s a real brand issue and they’re gonna go on to the Survivor Series. Then do it. Do it all the way.”

On Raw being given more importance than SmackDown Live:

“This is part of the problem. Now this is a sh*t here that I’m gonna tell you, you’re not gonna hear really anywhere else. This gets a little deep. So for wrestling fans, pay attention here.

I know, I lived this on a SmackDown end and I talked about this on how competitive it was with the brand split. And how we on SmackDown always felt like the redheaded stepchild.

If you were for SmackDown right now, privately you’re saying in the locker room maybe to each other, the wrestlers…because I don’t know a lot of things but I know how wrestlers think, you’re probably saying to each other – This is bull*hit. They are gonna play this thing off on Raw, not at SmackDown.

I knew that and a lot of fans did. You don’t have to be in the wrestling business to realize what they did at the end of SmackDown. They’re hooking people to go watch Raw.

So if you are a wrestler or a broadcaster on SmackDown and you have some competitive juices, you’re saying to each other – Man ,this is sh*t. They want people to watch Raw instead of watching SmackDown. Believe me it gets that competitive there.

But see that goes to the thing that Raw is always the mother ship. Raw is Vince’s baby. And I always felt when I was there that the company cared more, the big shots cared more about Raw. They did. And I think they still do.”

Top WWE Star’s Currently Planned Return Date

Top WWE Star Roman Reigns hasn’t been cleared to return to in-ring action as of now and will be missing the UK tour. He’s currently expected to be a part of Survivor Series 2017 and is scheduled to return on the November 13th edition of Raw.

Triple H’s Next Match Revealed

As we noted before, 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H will be working the upcoming UK tour. He’s currently scheduled to face Intercontinental Champion The Miz at WWE Live Events in UK.

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