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Top WWE Star’s Name Emerges In The List Of Clients Of Imprisoned Steroid Dealer

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (JANUARY 16, 1993) – Doink Attacks Crush

On this day in 1993, the World Wrestling Federation aired the infamous scenes when Doink “The Clown” attacked Crush after a match.

Crush (storyline wise) had to miss the 30 man Royal Rumble match because of that attack, which eventually led to their WrestleMania IX match, where Doink cheated to win.

You can watch the attack below:

• WWE Signs 6’8, 300 Lbs Kickboxer From India

Times of India is reporting that WWE has signed a 6’8, 300 lbs former Kickboxer from India – Saurav Gurjar. He’s also an actor in India and wrestled in TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India as “Deadly Danda”.

Below is what he had to say about joining WWE during an interview with TOI:

“It had been a dream of mine since childhood to be a WWE wrestler. I am from the Chambal valley, where kids usually have two options — to join politics or the sand mafia. But I always wanted to be a professional wrestler. Everything that happened in between — sports, acting — was by chance.

My father is a farmer and we didn’t have a TV growing up so I would watch wrestling fights at my neighbour’s place. I grew up watching people like The Undertaker, Kane, and The Rock. Kane was someone I idolized and I can’t wait to meet him. Although I’m sure if he walks up to me in the ring, I would be too stunned to say or do anything.

My goal, my zidd is simple — I want to be the WWE Heavyweight Champion. It might take time but I will get there eventually.”

You can watch footage from his WWE tryout below:

• Top WWE Star’s Name Emerges In The List Of Clients Of Imprisoned Steroid Dealer

Former Iron Addicts Gym owner Richard Rodriguez recently talked about the raid that took place in his Miami-based gym for Steroid distribution & production.

He went on to claim that some celebrities were clients of this dealer, including actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel. Another name that he claimed was a client is top WWE star Roman Reigns.

Below is what he said:

“At the end I’m just trying to clear my name and just make people well aware, there’s a lot more people out there that were involved and are associated with my company that many individuals did not know. One of them in particular is a very famous wrestler by the name of Roman Reigns.

He was originally introduced to me by one of the informants [laughs]. I’ve probably heard his name in the past due to numerous videos that Jonny Bravo has done, and also some including myself on my own channel.

Reigns is a very down to earth person, however, a situation involved in which… often times when you’re brought to trials – which I was not, I decided to take a plea – however, they disclose discovery. Discovery is basically the proof that they have against you.

One thing, one part of the discovery is what’s called tried and true statements, which is basically disclosing everybody whom the investigators or people that were investigating you have spoken to with regards to your company, with regards to you, with regards to any other co-defendants that are associated with the indictment. So, that’s one of the reasons why I disclosed him.”

You can hear his comments in the video below:

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