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Triple H Addresses “Burying” Talent Over The Years

Triple H as the WWF Champion

In a recent interview on the Tim Ferris show, Triple H talked about fans accusing him of “burying” talent over the years, not perform some particular moves in the ring and more. Below are the highlights:

On “burying” talent over the years:

“That’s one of the terms, ‘he buried him.’ It’s a show. Comic books, soap opera, TV drama, it never ends. They get so upset in the moment of thinking that it’s the end of the chapter. There’s another chapter tomorrow. They don’t understand the complexities of what goes on behind the scenes.”

On what he tries to avoid in the ring:

“I have things I don’t do well in the ring. For example, they go through the top and middle turnbuckle and hit the post from the inside. It’s one of those mental blocks for me. I can’t seem to navigate going between the two turnbuckles, I always get stuck somehow, so I never do it. People grab me in the ring and say ‘take the post,’ and I say no.”

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