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Triple H Challenges Elon Musk To A Match At “WrestleMania Mars” For Disrespecting Pro-Wrestling

Triple H Not Wrestling At WrestleMania 36

• Triple H Challenges Elon Musk To A Match At “WrestleMania Mars” For Disrespecting Pro-Wrestling

On a recent episode of The Good Time Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Triple H called out Elon Musk for “disrespecting” professional wrestling and said he would wrestle him at “WrestleMania Mars”.

For those of you who don’t know who Elon Musk is, he’s the co-owner, CEO & product architect of Tesla Inc., the world’s #1 company for electric vehicles.

It should be noted that it’s not clear how Elon Musk disrespected pro-wrestling, but here’s what The Game had to say:

“Let me address Elon Musk because I feel like there’s some disrespect going on here, because I don’t know if he has a superiority complex because he’s a rocket scientist, a self-taught rocket scientist, right? Big deal.

He’s a guy that sort of revolutionized the electric car all because he wanted to fly rockets to Mars. Big deal.

Taught himself how to build cars, taught himself how to revolutionize the automotive industry, taught himself how to revolutionize space travel. Comes up with reusable rockets, the whole thing.

Then, goofs around on the Internet, flips some things around, becomes the biggest billionaire, trillionaire, or whatever he is.

The richest guy in the world, which, by the way, he couldn’t maintain for long. I’m sure he’ll flip that around.

At this point, Elon, you have to ask yourself, all those incredible accomplishments and believe me, they are cool, but, who have you beaten?

Who have you ever beat? Answer is nobody.

So, if you want to disrespect our business, I will anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Elon Musk, if you’ve got the guts, if you have what it takes to do this, then you and I will talk about what I really want to talk about, which is taking one of your rockets, launching it from Florida, going up into space, heading to Mars with a team from the Performance Center, where we then put on the largest spectacle the Universe has ever seen, WrestleMania Mars.”

Elon Musk has not yet responded to HHH’s challenge, but we will keep you updated, so make sure to check back here on WWFOldSchool.com or download our WrestleFeed App by tapping here.

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