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Triple H Comments On Vince McMahon’s Allegations

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Below are the highlights from tonight’s post-Royal Rumble press conference, which featured questions regarding Vince McMahon’s allegations.

– Regarding the Vince McMahon allegations, Cody Rhodes said it is certainly a dark cloud. TKO and Nick Khan acted immediately. He doesn’t know the answer to what needs to be done and then put over the current roster. He said the roster put on a fantastic show to erase the bad taste left from the Vince story.

“Great question, I know as far as the news is concerned we were finding it out and reading the same thing that you guys were reading & he said a dark cloud… certainly.

As far as TKO, Nick Khan & the board, clearly took it very seriously, acted immediately & looking at the future, you know I don’t know the answer to that and I think somewhere is really probably a basic tenant of just… this crew more than ever from a roster standpoint is very family, never seen anything like this, most of the time wrestling locker rooms are fighting, talking trash, making fun of each other, sandbagging each other in the ring & all that nonsense, this crew is very team based and perhaps that’s the ingredient is everyone looking out for everyone — obviously as more news comes out we’ll be seeing it just like you do.”

– Cody Rhodes confirmed he will face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 40 and hopes to finish the story by the time the 2K25 video game comes out.

– Cody said he is the guy and he has been the guy.

– Cody said he thought he’d face CM Punk in AEW, but it didn’t happen for some reason. He looks forward to seeing what Punk does in WWE now.

– Cody said he’s grateful to be in the same category as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin after his back-to-back Royal Rumble victory.

– Triple H said tonight gave him the same feeling that he got during the Attitude Era. He feels they are about to explode like never before.

– Tonight was the biggest non-WrestleMania gate in WWE history.

– Triple H called Bayley out of the all-time best.

– Triple H welcomed Naomi back to WWE.

– HHH thanked TNA for allowing Jordynne Grace to appear tonight. He said he won’t use any clichéd terms about what door people go through (referring to AEW’s Forbidden Door) because it’s stupid and silly.

– HHH said Jade Cargill has the aura / X-factor and is glad that she got the time she needed to improve in the ring.

– Triple H said Bron Breakker “sort of” debuted on the main roster tonight.

– HHH said he can’t wait to see what Andrade will do in WWE in this run, as it’s the right time for him.

– Triple H said he loves Cody Rhodes’ dedication to the fans and he’s proud of him.

– HHH’s reaction to RAW’s Netflix deal is “holy sh*t”. HHH said WWE has always been at the forefront of such things. He says everybody will be watching this.

– HHH said this has been an incredible, incredible week, especially with The Rock joining the TKO Board of Directors.

– When asked what level of knowledge he had about Vince McMahon’s allegations, Triple H said:

“I’m gonna do exactly what you expect me to do here. Look, we just had an amazing week. Just signed a 10-year $5 billion Netflix deal. Rock joining our board. We just sold out the Royal Rumble. Put 48,000 people in Tropicana Field. I choose to focus on the positive. Yes, there’s a negative, but I choose to focus on the positive and keep it on that.”

– When asked what is being done to make sure that people in power can’t take advantage of employees, Triple H said “everything possible”. It’s a very important thing to them.

– When asked if he read the Vince McMahon lawsuit and what his reaction was, Triple H said he did not. He said they found out in real time like all the fans did. HHH said this has been a great week with the Netflix deal and he doesn’t want to focus on the negatives.

– HHH said this era is going to be the biggest and brightest era ever in WWE.

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