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Triple H Confirms Brock Lesnar Walked Out Of SmackDown After Vince McMahon’s Retirement

Brock Lesnar & Triple H

• Triple H Confirms Brock Lesnar Walked Out Of SmackDown After Vince McMahon’s Retirement

When Vince McMahon announced his retirement on Friday, July 22nd, there were rumors that Brock Lesnar walked out of SmackDown because he was unhappy about Vince leaving.

However, he showed up on SmackDown as advertised.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, Triple H confirmed that The Beast did walk out when he heard the news of McMahon’s retirement.

Below is what The Game said:

“There’s some truth to it. Yeah. Look, you have to understand Brock’s relationship with Vince and Brock’s relationship with combat sports, period.

He has a relationship with Dana [White] that’s a certain way, he has a relationship with Vince that’s a certain way. But Vince is the devil he knows and Brock is inherently not a trusting person, it’s just how he is.

He doesn’t like people [laughs]. But he’s not a trusting person and I think in that moment, where you just hear Vince is out, [he thinks] ‘Well now what’s going to happen? I’m out of here.’ You know what I mean?

I think there was just a moment of that, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not like he looked at it like ‘I don’t like anybody else here, I don’t trust anybody else here.’ There was a moment of ‘I’m going to walk on this’ and then we have conversations, he comes back.

I have a great relationship with Brock. Have we had issues over the years because at a certain point, he was a talent [and] I was a talent? Talent all get along to some degree, but there’s also a very real rivalry between all of them. They all want to be the best, everybody wants to be the best and be in that spot.

So yeah, I’m sure there’s some level of mistrust or those things. He’s always had a relationship — Brock’s not a ‘let me just deal with these people over here to take that off your plate, Vince’ [guy]. He wants something, he calls Vince directly. When he has wanted to do a deal, he calls Vince directly.

There’s a period of time when he first came back where he was dealing with me directly and then, because he and Vince weren’t getting along when he first came back just from past stuff, but over time he rekindled his relationship and now everything goes through Vince.

It’s just a different time now and I think now that he has had a moment to digest it. He digested it a little bit, came back to the building, we did business that night and had long conversations about where we would go next.

He liked what he heard and how he’s been dealt with, so it’s all good.”

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