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Triple H Explains Why Royal Rumble PPV Is Going To Be Interesting

"Mr. Money in the Bank" Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

In Michael Cole’s latest sit-down interview with Triple H, they discuss Rollins’ actions from Raw, Kane vs. Bryan on SmackDown & Triple H also reveals why Royal Rumble event is going to be very interesting. Below are the highlights :

  • Triple H talked about Kane vs. Daniel Bryan taking place on this Thursday’s SmackDown. He says Bryan is going to try to climb the main event mountain again and has to start with Kane, who put him on the shelf last time.
  • Regarding Seth Rollins hitting the Curb Stomp on John Cena and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at the end of RAW, Triple H believes that Rollins did make a statement. He brought up how Lesnar hit the German suplex first and what happened after that was payback. Triple H said what Rollins did was prove he belongs in the ring.
  • Triple H said maybe Cena and Paul Heyman are now looking at Rollins differently. Regarding the Triple Threat match at the Royal Rumble, Triple H believes we’re going to see the dawning of the future. He put over Cena and Lesnar but called Rollins “something different altogether.”
  • Cole asked if Rollins realizes what he’s getting into with Cena and Lesnar in the same match. Triple H says he has been known as one of the smartest competitors for a long time and Rollins is right up there with him. Triple H says Rollins knows what he’s getting into and knows what he’s doing. Triple H says the Rumble is going to be very interesting because “if you don’t skin a cat one way, you’ve always got a briefcase in your hand that says you can skin them any time you want.”

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