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15. “Shawn Michaels was like an 18 year old kid in high school. He just couldn’t get enough” – Sunny

During a recent appearance on the Wrestlingus Show, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny talked about her relationship with fellow Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in the 90s. Below are the highlights:

On HBK not knowing his current wife when he was dating Sunny:

“Listen, when we were together, we were together for almost an entire year, hooking up and dating and traveling to Jamaica, and everything like that, he didn’t even know his current wife. They weren’t even friends. They weren’t even acquaintances, so why would this be hurtful towards their marriage? This is from his past, from my past, that had nothing to do with his wife.”

On HBK’s lipstick fetish:

“That was his fetish and that’s what I wrote about (in my book). It was kind of funny too because he likes to smear it all over your face and the problem with red lipstick is that it stains, so, like, my entire face would be stained red for the rest of the day. It was terrible.”

On how many times they did “it” in the day:

“Shawn was a horndog, like, he instructed me to wear short skirts with no underwear underneath, so it would be easy access.

This would happen like four times during the day at the arena and then back at the hotel at night. It was crazy. Seriously, he was like an 18 year old kid in high school. He just couldn’t get enough.”

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