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Triple H On If Former World Champion Will Make More Appearances In WWE, ECW Legend On How Paul Heyman Brought Intrigue To The Brock Lesnar – Jinder Mahal Match

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ECW Legend On How Paul Heyman Brought Intrigue To The Brock Lesnar – Jinder Mahal Match

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, ECW Legend Taz talked about how Paul Heyman brought intrigue to the Brock Lesnar – Jinder Mahal match, Alicia Fox becoming Raw’s Women’s Survivor Series team captain, AJ Styles wrestling on Raw & more.

Below are the highlights:

On Alicia Fox becoming Raw’s Women’s Survivor Series team captain:

“I thought it was great. I was happy to see that she’s the captain of the female raw team. I said this the other day man when we did the prediction show that they are starting to push her little more. She’s such an over animated character.

She’s always in great shape. I don’t normally put over people’s bridge work in Suplexes but I got to say her back bridge is outstanding. Phenomenal! Her back bridge is almost as good as my bridge but I was 250 pounds and she’s 100 pounds.”

On Paul Heyman bringing intrigue to the Brock Lesnar – Jinder Mahal match:

“Paul Heyman’s promo was on point, outstanding. Now some people didn’t like it because they’re saying it’s unfair to Jinder …..you know…. Obviously Jinder can’t cut a promo like Paul and Paul is gonna attack.

And he said – I’d never personally attack any of Brock’s opponents and he went through a list which isn’t true. Paul still has heel tendencies and he’s gonna lie. He did attack a lot of those guys verbally. He did it and he did because he’s got heel tendencies. So he should lie in his promo.

I know how Paul comes off in his promos and how he thinks and how he preps. And that’s why he does that. He is giving a little bit of lying there and he should. I have no problem at all. I thought it was great.

And if I’m Jinder, I’m happy because if I could do anything and have any kind of a verbal war at all with Paul Heyman…… yeah sure. Can Jinder hang with Paul Heyman? No. If they’re shooting, no he can’t. Paul’s a pro. Paul’s not gonna do that. Paul is not just gonna rip this guy.

He might have you people worked that he’ll do that, but that’s not what he is. He’s a professional. He’s gonna help Jinder. Anybody who gets in an interaction with Paul in a promo segment from this new group of wrestlers, they’re gonna flourish and it’s good for them. I was in their shoes many years ago.

Trust me, it’s good for them. He gets Brock over and everybody that Brock works with. Paul gets them over too.

Now there’s some intrigue in this match. That’s Paul’s job guys. Anybody who is upset about the promo, that’s his job to build intrigue in the match. It’s intriguing now.”

On AJ Styles teaming up with Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose:

“I watched most of the match but it was a long-a$$ three segment match – AJ, Shield vs of Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro. Good match. Good stuff. And AJ won which I think leads more to it was a SmackDown night. That was the beginning of it. That was the beginning while we’re watching live because they had a SmackDown guy win amongst all those Raw guys. If you’re looking back on it was pretty smart what they did.

I didn’t like them coming back from break after Kane arrived which felt weird when he arrived after AJ won. Kane arrived and it fell flat like when the heels attack the babyfaces. The whole thing felt weird. It fell flat. It just felt disjointed. And then they came back from break and Kane was still in the ring.

Oh my god! What are we doing here? And then they take up to a long package from TLC. Those poor people in the audience in Green Bay watching this, this had to be the longest 15 minutes of their lives because they had no action maybe 20 minutes.

I mean, from the break they F’ed the match, coming back from the break, now there’s another package, now Kane is gotta cut a promo, a long promo. At the end of the day the crops of his promo was he’s the only monster on Raw. That’s what I got from the promo. And then Finn comes out and accepts his challenge or whatever.”

Triple H On If Former World Champion Will Make More Appearances In WWE

As seen at Battleground 2017 PPV earlier this year, former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali made his return to WWE to help Jinder Mahal defeat Randy Orton in the Punjabi Prison match to retain the WWE Championship.

During a recent interview with News 18, 14 time World Champion Triple H was asked if The Great Khali would be making more appearances in the WWE and below is what “The Game” said:

“Great Khali is a legend in the industry and he is always welcome to the WWE and we look forward to appearances by him in the future if that is something he wants to do.

I know right now he is here in India and he is enjoying and kind of helping to train the next generation of superstars as well and being very successful at that. But you know, Great Khali is always going to be a legendary figure to the WWE and that means he is welcome at any time he wants to.”

You can watch the WWE Championship match between Triple H & The Great Khali from SummerSlam 2008 in full length below:

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