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Triple H Is “Actively Bothered” By One Aspect Of WWE

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There’s a perception in WWE that majority of the Japanese & Mexican wrestlers can’t succeed in the company, mostly because of the language barrier.

However, Chief Content Officer Triple H is trying to change that and that’s why Japanese wrestlers (Shinsuke Nakamura, IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, Asuka) and Mexican wrestlers (Dragon Lee) are being showcased more on TV.

Here’s what WrestlePurists reported:

“I’ve reiterated a couple times now that one of the big things coming out of the office that was strongly relayed to me is a motivation to change the perception that Japanese and Mexican wrestlers cannot succeed in WWE.

It’s a thing that actively bothers [Triple H] and the SmackDown that followed me receiving this information went out of their way to present Kairi Sane and Dragon Lee as big time acts.

In the following week, it’s now out that Giulia got an offer and that they want (Kazuchika) Okada again. My gut feeling is Giulia says yes, and Okada says no and remains in NJPW.”

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