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Triple H Prevented SmackDown Superstar From Getting Fired

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During a recent appearance on the ‘Insight’ podcast, current SmackDown Superstar LA Knight revealed that towards the end of his run as manager Max Dupri, he was about to get fired by WWE, but Triple H stopped them from doing so and helped him to get his NXT character back.

Here’s what the former Million Dollar Champion had to say:

“Well, let me just go ahead and say this, I’m pretty sure I was fired. And it just hadn’t officially happened yet. Without getting into too many details, some things happened.

I don’t remember what it was, but some things happened. And then I had gotten a FaceTime. ‘Hey, you know, we want to keep you around. We want to do this, this, that whatever’. And, okay, cool. Good.

So somehow I had been saved from being thrown off the cliff. At least this is my interpretation of it. Maybe I’m incorrect, I don’t know. And so eventually, just things kind of worked out.”

In another recent interview with the UK based ‘Daily Star’, Knight also revealed that he’s different from a lot of today’s ‘flippy-floppy spot-wrestlers’:

“There’s a lot of guys out there just doing their routines, doing the tumbling, and they’re doing their gymnastics and that kind of stuff, I don’t do that.

Sure, I can throw some spice in there every now and then, where it makes sense, where it fits where I need it.

A lot of times it’s the physical charisma, it’s the physical kind of mannerisms and stuff like that, like how are you conducting yourself? How are you holding yourself?

If you look at the biggest swells in the industry, you’re looking at the Golden Era with Hogan – big time charisma – you’re looking at the Attitude Era with with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It was all big time charisma, nobody was doing crazy flips.

I mean, some of the guys were doing that, but those are the guys on the undercard card, and no disrespect to that as that’s something that you need on the card, but for the guys that I wanted to be and the guys that I wanted to emulate and where I wanted to be on the card, I knew who I wanted to be.”

He then jokingly claimed that he would wrestle King Charles (fka Prince Charles) and take his crown:

“I gotta go to the top man and run for King Charles. I know he’s old and beaten down and you know busted up, but I’ve got to take the crown.”

LA Knight wrestles professionally since 2003 and was best known for his 2015-2019 run with IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake, before he joined WWE in February 2021.

Speaking of LA Knight, WCW Legend Booker T had nothing but good things to say about him during a new episode of his weekly ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast.

Here’s what the former King Booker said:

“Put the rocket on him, man. I mean, quit messing around. Put the title on him. That’s my thing, man. When you got a guy like him, he’s rare, he’s very rare.

He’s organic, he’s figured it out on his own. When you got guys like that, you got to put ‘em in the game. That’s just me. That’s the school I come from.

So yeah, watching that dude do his stuff right now, it’s been awesome.

I watched that dude sit and get a little bit of nothing, and go out there and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it, and some Cholula in it. It feels good.

You want to get behind him. He hasn’t been the chosen one or anything like that. Another thing that I say all the time, you gotta win by attrition.

You gotta wait until everybody else drop off, and when you walk through that curtain, it’s some heat, and something going on. They gonna know it.

It’s inevitable. So I’m just glad to see him getting his flowers.”

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