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Triple H Reportedly Very Frustrated With How Vince McMahon Is Running WWE

Triple H

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (May 15, 1999) – Memphis Power Pro Wrestling

On this day in 1999, ‘Memphis Power Pro Wrestling’ aired an episode of their weekly TV show.

This promotion was the official successor of the USWA (f.k.a CWA) in Memphis, and also functioned as a developmental promotion for the World Wrestling Federation.

The card can be found below:

– Glen Kulka & JR Smooth (Rikishi) vs. Bulldog Raines & Ken Raper

– Kurt Angle vs. Derrick King

– Kris “Dragon” Kanonball (Carl Oullette) Promo

– Kid Wicked vs. Mick Tierney

– Vic Grimes vs. Steve Bradley

– Interviews: Vic Grimes, Bulldog Raines, JR Smooth, Glen Kulka, Derrick King, Nicole Bass, Mick Tierney, Steve Bradley, Brandon Baxter and Kid Wicked

• Triple H Reportedly Very Frustrated With How Vince McMahon Is Running WWE

During a recent edition of Wade Keller’s podcast, a close friend of 3 WWE writers called in on the show and talked about Vince McMahon being the main problem in WWE and how Triple H is frustrated with him as well.

Below is what the caller said:

“No one should rip on WWE creative. They have some of the most brilliant, unbelievable, cool ideas that I’ve ever heard. We’re writing for an audience of one and never forget that or you’re out of here.

The most frustrated person in the back every single night is Triple H. He’ll always take, especially the NXT guys, under his wing. It looks like he’s consoling them. It looks so much like he’s the most frustrated person in the building every single night.”

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