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Triple H Reveals If He’s Worried Fans Won’t Watch RAW On Netflix

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Triple H and The Hardy Boyz.

• In a groundbreaking shift, WWE’s flagship show Monday Night RAW is set to debut on Netflix in January 2025, marking a monumental deal valued at over $5 billion for a decade-long partnership. The announcement, made on January 23rd 2024, has stirred immense excitement among fans worldwide.

Despite the magnitude of the change, WWF Legend Triple H – who is currently WWE’s chief content officer and head of creative – exudes confidence in the transition. Speaking at the Sports Business Journal’s Congress of Sports event, Triple H emphasized WWE’s resilience in adapting to network shifts and expressed belief in fans seamlessly embracing the move to Netflix.

Here’s what The King of Kings had to say about the Netflix deal:

“That’s where the world’s going. It’s easy for our fan base. We have a long history of changing locations and a massive amount of our people, like 95% of our audience just completely comes with us. I think this will be no different.”

As anticipation mounts for the evolution of WWE’s presence on the streaming platform, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the dawn of a new era in 2025.

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• After parting ways with All Elite Wrestling following the expiration of his contract, wrestling veteran Matt Hardy finds himself a free agent. With speculation swirling, attention turns to the potential reunion of famous Old School WWF Tag Team The Hardy Boyz in WWE.

Matt Hardy’s departure from AEW has fueled rumors of a possible return to WWE, where he and his brother Jeff achieved legendary status as The Hardy Boyz. While Jeff remains under contract with AEW at the moment, fans and industry insiders are abuzz with the prospect of the iconic duo gracing WWE once again.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T voiced his support for Matt Hardy’s return to WWE on a recent episode of his weekly ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast and expressed a desire to see both brothers honored with a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Here’s what the 5-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion had to say about The Hardys:

“I would love to see him back in WWE. I’d love to see Jeff back in WWE. I want to see both of these guys going into the WWE Hall of Fame. They deserve it, they really do.

The body of work those guys put in, the legendary matches that those guys had with teams like The Dudleys. Yeah man, I want to see those guys take their rightful place one day.

So maybe this is the beginning, this is the spark. I haven’t seen Jeff on AEW doing anything in quite some time. So he may be a free agent too for all I know.”

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