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Triple H Reveals If WWE Is Keeping An Eye On All Elite Wrestling

Triple H All Elite Wrestling

• Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Writer & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vince Russo celebrates his 58th birthday today.

Russo originally started as WWF Magazine editor Vic Venom in 1992 but was promoted to the WWF Booking commission in 1996.

Vince McMahon has confirmed on several occasions, that he ended up using only about 20% of Russo’s ideas, but rejected about 80% of them, so when Vince Russo jumped ship to Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in September 1999 and was given free control as the head booker to use 100% of his own ideas, it was not at all surprising that his creative decisions made them lose a huge amount of money and basically killed WCW financially.

Like him or hate him, but he’s still considered one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling history.


• Triple H Reveals If WWE Is Keeping An Eye On All Elite Wrestling

During a recent media conference call, “The Game” Triple H talked about SmackDown moving to FOX, NXT TakeOver shifting to Friday during WrestleMania 35 weekend, All Elite Wrestling & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if NXT will also move to FOX along with SmackDown:

“I think at this point in time, we’re concentrated on moving SmackDown to Fox and what that will mean, and everything else. There’s a lot of talk about a lot of things and we’re constantly evaluating, much like everything else. As we were talking about before, always evaluating stuff.

As far as the Fox relationship goes, we’re thrilled and excited to go there, and WWE is working on what that will look like, and the process, and everything else.”

On if NXT TakeOver shifted to Friday during WrestleMania 35 weekend because of NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard taking place on Saturday:

“In general of not wanting to make fans choose and not wanting to make fans have to make a decision about what they want to go to. And it’s just a better business and venue split for us. It really was nothing more – everybody reads into everything and it really was nothing more than that, it was the right business move for us.”

On if WWE is keeping an eye on All Elite Wrestling:

“AEW is clearly something that we’ll keep an eye on and clearly something that – they’re out there doing their business. But we’ll do what’s right for our business – what’s right for WWE. What we feel is right for our fans, the WWE Universe, our fan base, everybody in general, and what’s right for us. They’re all business decisions and we’ll continue to monitor everything. And we say it all the time but it’s the truth, it’s not just a competitor like that, we compete against everything.

And I know you’ve heard it said that, ‘In the business world today, when you’re a content provider, you compete against everything, including sleep, including the internet and everything else.’ Everybody has 1000 pulls on their time, on a daily basis. So you want to keep your eye on everything and try to be as relevant as possible at all times, on every front.

We continue to monitor that like we monitor everything, and we’ll continue to do what’s best for business – for the WWE.”

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