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Trish Stratus On How Her Husband Reacted To Her Kissing The Rock

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• Trish Stratus On How Her Husband Reacted To Her Kissing The Rock

Old School WWF Attitude Era Diva Trish Stratus appeared on the Oral Sessions podcast, where she talked about her backstage segment with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson during the December 3, 2001 episode of WWF Monday Night RAW, in which they kissed each other.

During this conversation, Trish revealed that her husband, Ron Fisico, is a lifelong wrestling fan and understood what she did on TV.

Here’s what the 7 time WWF/E Women’s Champion had to say about her husband:

“Forget that I was going to end up being a wrestler, he was a wrestling fan. So we related. We were around that, remember Toronto was like a hotbed for wrestling when we were children. When we started dating, and you know this, there wasn’t many females that liked wrestling, or maybe said they didn’t.

So the fact that I liked wrestling, we’d take trips I’ll never forget. We’d go to Florida, we’d drive to Florida and we’d base it around going to an event. Like a Nitro, we went to a WCW Nitro. Like it was part of our trip thing. So we always related from the very beginning on stuff.

And then we had our high school connection, and when we went to university I wanted to become a doctor. So I was like laser focused on what I was doing, he was laser focused on doing his own thing, his business. And we wanted to know for sure. We wanted to establish ourselves as separate entities in our rights. And then the wrestling thing came up. So I had to make the transition from school full time to my fitness career and then to wrestling.

And so I always say, because Ron and I were fans for so long, he gives me that insight. He gets the business. I’d go ‘I have to kiss The Rock tonight.’ He’s like, ‘Cool. That’s going to be great for your character.’ Amazing right? As opposed to what maybe another husband might say.

When I would work with the girls, I remember Victoria and I’d be like ‘okay let’s get the Ron Report.’ He would watch, he would tell us straight up. Because he just had that insight. It’s important to how we’re still together after almost 30 years.”

WATCH: The Rock Kisses Trish Stratus:

In 2013, Trish Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by her 2001 WWF storyline rival, Stephanie McMahon.

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