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Two Former WWF Stars Feuding In Real Life, Jim Ross Comments On Jeff Jarrett’s Departure From Impact Wrestling

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Jim Ross Comments On Jeff Jarrett’s Departure From Impact Wrestling

During a recent blog entry on his website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talked about the AJ Styles – Finn Balor bout from TLC 2017, Survivor Series 2017, Jeff Jarrett’s departure from Impact Wrestling & more.

Below are the highlights:

On AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor match from TLC 2017:

“Enjoyed watching WWE TLC on the WWE Network from my home in Norman. The last two bouts were, as they were designed to be, the proper show closers. AJ vs. ‘The Demon’ was the best match of the night and one that I am somewhat sure that we will see again some day, as it’s simply too good to not feature again when it can receive a more structured and timely creative build.”

On Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose taking on SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos at Survivor Series 2017:

“I fully expect that match to blow most of the card away, no matter what else is booked. You heard it here first. Those two teams have the ability to re-create the tag team scene in WWE and make tag team wrestling as in vogue as WWE has done with the women grapplers.”

On Jeff Jarrett’s departure from Impact Wrestling:

“Troubling to hear that Impact Wrestling has severed ties with co-founder Jeff Jarrett within the past few hours. Jeff had taken a leave of absence, which generally isn’t a good news sort of thing, and then was permanently separated from Anthem, the now parent company of Impact Wrestling.

I am pulling for Impact, their talents, and personnel in a big way, but as long as they have a weak USA TV clearance, any success that they may have in the future likely will be limited. If they can create some new stars and produce solid TV shows, who knows in this wacky world of TV with so many options for a company to utilize, including digital. In the meanwhile, I hope that Jeff Jarrett resurfaces as he’s expected to do.

Jeff is a wrestling lifer, like me, and this is what he loves and knows best. Regarding any other issues that may or may not be prevalent, I can only hope that all these issues are remedied in a timely manner for Jeff and all involved.”

Two Former WWF Star Feuding In Real Life

It looks like two former WWF Superstars, Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake, are feuding in real life. Beefcake noted on Twitter that he has a new book coming out and that it’ll probably reveal some negative things about the Hulkster.

Hogan then responded that Beefcake better have good lawyers. You can check out the tweets below:

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