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Two Stars Leave GFW, Roman Reigns On A Quiet Philadelphia Crowd At Battleground 2017

Two Stars Leave GFW

Former TNA World Tag Team Champion Davey Richards noted on Twitter that he’s done with GFW. Below is what he posted:

“Today I came to terms with GFW for me release. This story however is a happy one. I have nothing but good memories and great things to say about my time there. Truth is- I love wrestling. But my goal is to be a Doctor. I have managed my time in doing both my school, my job as a Paramedic, being a dad, and a wrestler as best I could for as long as I could. But the demands as I head into the last couple years of Medical School have brought me to a point where I have to choose one or another. So with GFW’s blessing I have chosen medical school.”

Also, former WWE wrestler Matt Morgan is done with GFW. During a recent appearance on the WrestlingInc podcast, Morgan explained why he decided to leave GFW:

“Here’s the deal. I made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn’t have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn’t work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they’re looking to travel. So when I first talking to Jeff Jarrett about this, the idea was you know, you guys are 20 minutes from my house, you guys are there on the weekends. As long as you guys are there on the weekends I can do this.”

Roman Reigns On A Quiet Philadelphia Crowd At Battleground 2017

As seen at Battleground 2017, the Philadelphia crowd was dead for most part of the show. “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns tweeted the following about it:

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