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Two WWE Wrestlers Issue Apology For Making Jokes About Rape

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• The Miz Says His Career Is A Feel Good Story

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, SmackDown Live Superstar The Miz talked about his career in WWE, his Miz & Mrs. show & more.

Below are the highlights:

On his career:

“When I first got to WWE, people thought I was going to be fired within three months. No one liked me, no one wanted me there, whether it was the fans or the people backstage. I had to fight and fight and fight to earn my spot. Through hard work and dedication, I proved everyone wrong. And I’m the bad guy in WWE, which I find hilarious. This show is really a ‘feel good’ kind of story. I started off on the The Real World, and no one thought I would amount to anything. Then, all of a sudden, coming into this and pursuing my dream of becoming a WWE superstar, and also doing movies, hosting, and now my own show with my wife.”

On winning MVP for the 2018 All Star Legends Celebrity game:

“I surprised the hell out of myself when I got MVP for the 2018 All Star Legends Celebrity game. I had no idea I was going to get that. I was also surprised by the reviews of our show. I know we put a lot into the show, but I didn’t know what people were going to think.”

On his Miz & Mrs. show:

“This was an opportunity to document what it’s like to be first-time parents in the entertainment industry. We actually get to see our baby getting born on television, and we’ll have this for the rest of our lives. It’s really cool to see people enjoying the show. We love the show, but to hear such great feedback, I’ve never had so many positive reviews.”

• Two WWE Wrestlers Issue Apology For Making Jokes About Rape

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander and SmackDown Live wrestler Tye Dillinger found themselves in hot water after some fans dug up their old tweets in which they were joking about rape. The tweets were from the years 2011-2012.

Since then these tweets have been deleted but screenshots have been floating around on social media. Alexander went as far as making his Twitter account private for a while and then deleted his entire timeline.

After the news went viral, Tye Dillinger took to Twitter to apologize for the joke he made 6 years ago.

Cedric also issued an apology:

Hopefully, these tweets don’t affect their WWE careers in any kind of way. Both stars were pretty young at that time, but now they’re sensible and mature.

But you never know, your past can haunt your present and future (ask Hulk Hogan).

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