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The Undertaker Attends A Concert (Photo), Edge & Christian Reveal The Beauty Of Matt Hardy’s WOKEN Gimmick

Edge & Christian Rated R Christian Cage Tag Team

• Edge & Christian Reveal The Beauty Of Matt Hardy’s WOKEN Gimmick

During a recent edition of “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness” podcast, former WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian talked about Matt Hardy’s WOKEN gimmick.

Below is their discussion:

Edge: I liked that they ended the promo, it was Bray laughing, Matt laughing back and forth and it was like an Austin Powers movie.

Christian: Yeah, it was everything that was supposed to be. The way that he is committed to this and the way that he has sculpted and created this character and has brought it to life, it’s pretty much f***ing genius to come up with something like that.

Edge: And you think back to when they initially did the match on TNA, right? What was that called? Total Deletion, right? So think back to that and everybody’s like – “What the hell was that?” and didn’t get it. It takes a little while to get it. You gotta let it marinate a little bit.

You gotta put it down in the sauce in the bowl and you just gotta let the meat soak in the juices. That’s what a good cook does. Matt was cooking up something.

Christian: He’s a completely different dynamic than when he was in The Hardy Boyz. It’s something completely on the other end of the spectrum and then it’s hard when him and Jeff went singles at any point in their career. And we went through it a little bit, but we somehow managed to get away from it.

It’s hard to picture those guys apart and for whatever reason, Jeff had a seemingly easier time as far as the singles connection than Matt did. He has just got that thing and very few people have that.

But this is the thing that’s kind of Matt has been waiting for to be his thing, to be…you know…seen in just completely different separate entity from The Hardy Boyz and elevate himself well and it’s cool.

Edge: Matt’s thing has always been his brain and the things that he thinks of and the fact that he was a lifelong wrestling fan and all of those things. And Jeff was too, but Jeff is just one of those intangible guys that that we’ve talked about. You’re not gonna be able to figure it out. You’re not gonna be able to put your finger on it because it just is.

And Matt just has a different way of finding out what his thing is and I think the V1 character kind of brushed the surface of what this is.

I gotta tell you when I first saw it, I was like – “What is happening right now?” But I dug it because I wanted to think that I was getting and I was like – “Oh they’re just going so far over the top here and they’re in on their own joke, but no one else gets it yet.”

But now they all do.

Christian: And here’s the beauty of a character like that – you could literally do anything and get away with because you’re crazy. And as long as you believe in what it is you’re saying, no matter how out there it is, no matter how insane it sounds, no matter how corny it sounds, you can make it work because it just works.

That’s the beauty of this type of character. And if you can get it to that level where no matter what you do it’s gonna work then you’ve made it.

• The Undertaker Attends A Concert (Photo)

The Undertaker and his wife, Michelle McCool, attended a George Strait concert this past weekend. Below is a photo:


Doesn’t get much better…..Great friends & the King @georgestrait ! #goodtimes #blessed

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